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Are you a prospective restaurant owner?

According to Manta there are 1,015,075 restaurants located throughout the United States. 915,541 of these are reported to be single location, single operator facilities (almost 45% are franchises). According to the SBA there is slightly more than a 50% failure rate for privately owned restaurants during the first five years. Only 10% of the failures are franchises.

Are You...

A restaurant owner seeking a better concept?
An individual looking for a franchise?
A retail operator looking for great cash flow?

Then look no further than Pho D'lite

Prospective restaurant owners who want the benefit of operating a turn-key location with all of the characteristics of a franchise, but without the onerous royalties and oversight should consider joining in partnership with Pho D'Lite.

Pho D'Lite is a contemporary Vietnamese noodle restaurant with an intimate feel and professional table service. We find the locations and take care of all of the negotiations and details. Then, we take care of all of the renovations and preparations that need to be completed to open the doors.
We handle the details
We handle the training
We can handle the marketing
The concept is proven
The deal is simple

Vision: The best restaurant alternative for new era operators

Pho D'Lite is the future of restaurant ownership!

Send us an email at if you are interested in learning more.