Welcome to Pho D'lite!

Pho D'lite specializes in serving amazing and authentic South East Asian food at our five locations in Maryland. We believe that fresh ingredients, amazing service and perfect flavors are the key to an amazing meal. If you've never dined with us then don't believe out website, great reviews or our thousands of loyal customers; hurry in to see for yourself our take on this classic cuisine.

Incredible Pho

Pho is traditional Vietnemese Noodle Soup and the mainstay of our restaurants. Hot, filling and flavorful, Pho is a meal that never tires.

Flavorful Vermicelli

Our vermicelli bowls are pilled high with rice noodles, meat and vegetables. We also serve a variety of other yummy noodle dishes like Pad Thai.

Fresh Ingredients

We know that fresh ingredients are the key to incredible food which is why we are obsessed with the quality of all our meat, vegetables and spices.

Open Kitchen

All of our locations let you see your food being prepared. Our process is simple and timeless so take a look!